What is the Over-37 Policy?

The Army over-37 provision helps with the cost a Service person incurs when settling immediate family at a selected UK residence by enabling him or her to serve voluntarily unaccompanied at their duty station without financial penalty.

The aim of the package is to support the family during the later stages of a soldier’s career as part of the Army’s accompanied service policy, which is regularly reviewed to ensure it remains compliant with the Equality Act 2010.

The Ministry of Defence has recently taken steps to recognise those personnel who are in long-term relationships and has widened the eligibility for Service family accommodation as a result.

The future accommodation model will also look to provide greater choice in this area. Further broadening of eligibility and entitlement for those in a long-term relationship is subject to ongoing work and allowances will be included in this review – and any changes associated with this must be affordable.


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