What is the Over-37 Policy?

The Army over-37 provision helps with the cost a Service person incurs when settling immediate family at a selected UK residence by enabling him or her to serve voluntarily unaccompanied at their duty station without financial penalty. The aim of the package is to support the family during the later stages of a soldier’s career… Read More


Allowances, Expenses, & Deductions for UK Armed Forces Personnel

1.0 Introduction This article provides an overview of allowances and expenses paid to United Kingdom (UK) armed forces personnel and deductions from their income. 2.0 Cash and Non-Cash Benefits Examples of the cash and non-cash benefits available to individuals. 2.1 Cash Benefits In addition to the regular pay that personnel receive from their employer, the… Read More

What are the Non-Pay Benefits for the British Armed Forces?

British Armed Forces personnel receive a wide range of non-pay benefits including (AFPRB, 2018, p.16): An annual leave allowance of 38 days per year (as they do not have a separate allowance for Bank Holiday); Sea-goer’s leave; Post operational leave allowance; Relocation leave; Rest and recuperation; A resettlement package; Childcare vouchers; Medical and dental care;… Read More