What is the X-Factor?

Not to be confused with a certain TV show, the X-Factor is a pensionable addition to pay that recognises the special conditions of service experienced by members of the British Armed Forces compared with civilian employment. It accounts for a range of potential advantages and disadvantages which cannot be evaluated when assessing pay comparability. The… Read More


What is the Unpleasant Work Allowance (UWA)?

The Unpleasant Work Allowance (UWA) is designed to compensate Service personnel for operating in conditions involving: An exceptional degree of discomfort or fatigue; or Exposure to noxious substances beyond that compensated for by X-Factor. Similarly, it is paid for a range of activities that Service personnel may be expected to undertake which fall outside their… Read More

What are the Non-Pay Benefits for the British Armed Forces?

British Armed Forces personnel receive a wide range of non-pay benefits including (AFPRB, 2018, p.16): An annual leave allowance of 38 days per year (as they do not have a separate allowance for Bank Holiday); Sea-goer’s leave; Post operational leave allowance; Relocation leave; Rest and recuperation; A resettlement package; Childcare vouchers; Medical and dental care;… Read More