What is the Unpleasant Work Allowance (UWA)?

The Unpleasant Work Allowance (UWA) is designed to compensate Service personnel for operating in conditions involving:

  • An exceptional degree of discomfort or fatigue; or
  • Exposure to noxious substances beyond that compensated for by X-Factor.

Similarly, it is paid for a range of activities that Service personnel may be expected to undertake which fall outside their normal range of military duties and are considered to be of an objectionable, or harrowing, nature. Currently there are three levels of UWA:

  • Level 1 is £2.65 per day;
  • Level 2 is £6.45 per day; and
  • Level 3 is £19.09 per day.

UWA is subject to a five-yearly review by the Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFPRB).


AFPRB (Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body). (2018) Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body Forty-Seventh Report 2018. Available from World Wide Web: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/armed-forces-pay-review-body-forty-seventh-report-2018. [Accessed: 22 January, 2019].


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