Scottish Income Tax Compensation Payments For Personnel to Become Permanent

Personnel paying higher rates of income tax set by the Scottish government will continue to receive cash from Westminster to ensure they are not disadvantaged. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed that financial compensation payments introduced two years ago and reviewed annually will now be permanent for eligible troops. Payments of between £12 and £2,200… Read More


British Army Pay Rise Finally Arrives

Hard working soldiers will soon have extra cash in their wallets after the government announced an inflation-busting salary boost for all troops up to the rank of brigadier. The Minsitry of Defence (MOD) confirmed that personnel would receive a 2% pay increase – which will be backdated to 01 April and in wage packets at… Read More

Pay Hike for New British Army Soldiers

The starting salary for soldiers fresh out of Phase 2 (employment) training is rising to £20,000, a rise of about £1,140. Approximately 4,000 junior soldiers are set to benefit from the 6% pay rise. Other personnel, up to Brigadier (OF-6), will receive a 2.9% increase and compensatory allowances have also received a 2.9% rise, including:… Read More

When Do I Get Paid?

“One type of expense incurred in modern wars was not always present in the ancient world: paying the troops. As we have seen, in the classical city state citizenship was bound up with military service. For a long time city states thus had no need to pay their citizen-soldiers. In the Greek world the only… Read More

What is the X-Factor?

Not to be confused with a certain TV show, the X-Factor is a pensionable addition to pay that recognises the special conditions of service experienced by members of the British Armed Forces compared with civilian employment. It accounts for a range of potential advantages and disadvantages which cannot be evaluated when assessing pay comparability. The… Read More

The National Minimum Wage, Working Hours & UK Military Personnel

Did you know that, under Section (1) of the National Minimum Wage Act 1998, a person serving as a member of the naval, military, or air force of the Crown does not qualify for the national minimum wage (NMW) in respect of that service? Further, personnel are exempt from the Working Time Directive and do… Read More

Military Families are a Hidden Homeless Group

Discussion “The number of military families experiencing homelessness is a hidden problem, and the scale of the issue is not fully understood, a senior nurse has said.” (Jones-Berry, 2017, p.10). “More than half-a-million Americans are currently homeless, and many of them are military veterans. As thousands of US troops make their way home from Afghanistan… Read More