Describing the Experience of Former UK Military Personnel Re-Entering the Civilian World

Research Paper Title The Experience of Former UK Military Personnel Re-Entering the Civilian World. Abstract This thesis focuses on the experiences of former UK military personnel from all three armed services re-entering the civilian workplace. There is a distinct lack of research in this area with only limited studies carried out which tend to focus… Read More


Military Families are a Hidden Homeless Group

Discussion “The number of military families experiencing homelessness is a hidden problem, and the scale of the issue is not fully understood, a senior nurse has said.” (Jones-Berry, 2017, p.10). “More than half-a-million Americans are currently homeless, and many of them are military veterans. As thousands of US troops make their way home from Afghanistan… Read More

Predicting & Reducing Voluntary Outflow in the Royal Navy.

Research Paper Title Predicting and Reducing Voluntary Outflow in the Royal Navy. Abstract This research speaks to one of the major concerns facing the modern Royal Navy (RN), especially given the current economic and political climate – that is how to achieve and maintain the correct level of manpower to meet functional and operational requirements. The rate of Voluntary Outflow (VO:… Read More

Depression- & Anxiety-related Sick Leave Leads Early Retirement

Research Paper Title Depression- and Anxiety-related Sick Leave and the Risk of Permanent Disability and Mortality in the Working Population in Germany: A Cohort Study. Background Anxiety and depression are the most common psychiatric disorders and are the cause of a large and increasing amount of sick-leave in most developed countries. They are also implicated… Read More