What is the MOD Ex-Gratia Payment in lieu of Maternity Allowance?

Introduction If you are accompanying your spouse/civil partner overseas and fall pregnant, you may be entitled to an Ex-Gratia Payment in lieu of Maternity Allowance if you are prevented from claiming the normal Maternity Allowance. Outline The MOD Ex-Gratia Payment in lieu of Maternity Allowance policy applies to eligible spouse/civil partners who accompany their Service… Read More


What Allowances Can Personnel in a Long-Term Relationship Claim when Moving on Assignment from One Surplus SFA to Another?

Introduction This article briefly outlines what allowances personnel in a long-term relationship (LTR) can claim when moving on assignment from one surplus service family accommodation (SFA) to another. Outline Generally for cohabitation with a LTR partner, personnel are not eligible to receive any additional allowances in support of their cohabitation. However, changes to policy confirmed… Read More

What is Local Overseas Allowance (UK)?

Introduction Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) is intended to contribute towards the additional local cost of day-to-day living when UK Service personnel are required to serve overseas on: Permanent assignment; Temporary duty; or Exercise. Is LOA Changing? Yes. On 01 July 2021, the way that LOA is calculated was changed. Why Change? The changes will make… Read More

Local Overseas Allowance to be Overhauled

From July 2021, local overseas allowance (LOA) payments will no longer be based on rank and will instead be tailored more to soldiers’ individual living circumstances. For example, the part of the old LOA package that supported all personnel in running a private vehicle abroad has been removed and will instead be claimed only by… Read More

Payment for Indirectly Supervised Physical Training Sessions

Question Will Reservists continue to be paid for indirectly supervised physical training sessions they conduct in their own time after the Covid-19 crisis is over? This proposal was discussed and shot down before the pandemic but has become a reality in the current climate. I’m also interested in whether or not the MoD would pay… Read More

What is Operational Allowance?

Introduction The aim of operational allowance (OA) is to recognise the significantly increased and enduring nature of the danger in Specified Operational Locations (SOL), over and above that compensated for within the X Factor. Outline Between 2016 and 2020, OA was payable to eligible Service personnel assigned to SOL’s, the geographical boundary of which may… Read More

Sailors & Royal Marines can now Submit their Expense Claims via Mobile Devices

Sailors and Royal Marines can now submit their expense claims on their smart phones, tablets and home PCs thanks to the latest update to the My Navy app. The upgrade – which also includes an improved alerts section and access to support and well-being – means personnel will not necessarily have to log into JPA… Read More