What is Operational Allowance?


The aim of operational allowance (OA) is to recognise the significantly increased and enduring nature of the danger in Specified Operational Locations (SOL), over and above that compensated for within the X Factor.


Between 2016 and 2020, OA was payable to eligible Service personnel assigned to SOL’s, the geographical boundary of which may have included personnel serving on Royal Navy ships in specified waters or those flying over or into a designated operational area, provided that they directly supported the operation.

  • All operations that are awarded OA are Joint Operations.
  • OA is awarded to a SOL that meets the threshold for eligibility.

Operations between 2016 and 2020 that have met the eligibility include:

  • Op BLACKWELL: Somalia, all locations.
  • Op BRANTA: Egypt, Sinai only.
  • Op CATAN: Somalia, all locations.
  • Op MODEST: Somalia, all locations.
  • Op NEWCOMBE: Mali, all locations.
  • Op PERSIDIUML Somalia, all locations.
  • Op PRAISER: Somalia, all locations.
  • Op SHADER: Iraq only.
  • Op TANGHAM: Somalia, all locations.
  • Op TORAL: Afghanistan, all locations.
  • Op TRENTON: South Sudan, all locations.
  • Op TURUS: Chad, all locations; Nigeria, Maiduguri only.
  • Op VOGUL: South Sudan, all locations.

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