Reasons for Candidates Disengaging from the Army Recruitment Pipeline (2013-2019)

The first table outlines the general reasons for candidates disengaging from the British Army’s recruitment pipeline, whilst the second table outlines the top 5 reasons.

Total Apps114,220126,600125,990191,500118,95092,830
Non-Productive Enquiry22,50037,65036,51063,53040,73036,050
Other – Refer to Journal44,44025,52021,10031,580192,950N/A
Family/Personal Reasons7801,8002,7304,9205,3709,170
Joining Other Service1,0603,0003,2005,6703,790Now Recorded in ‘Other’


  1. This data has been provided from a single service source rather than official statistics produced by Defence Statistics.
  2. Recruiting years fall in line with Financial years (01 April to 31 March)
  3. Figures have been rounded to 10 for presentational purposes; numbers ending in “5” have been rounded to the nearest multiple of 20 to prevent systematic bias.
  4. Unrounded figures are used in the calculation of percentages.
  5. “Other – Refer to Journal” was a category that was in use before the current Recruitment system (DRS) was implemented in 2016 but was subsequently phased out.
    • Every candidate had a journal as part of their application record which was an area of free text where information could be recorded.


FOI 2020/03250/04/02 dated 06 April 2020.


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