No. of Applications for Combat HR Specialist, 2014-2017

Table 1 highlights the number of applications for Combat HR Specialist in the AGC (SPS) between 2014 and 2017. Table 1: No. of Combat HR Specialist applications, 2014-2017 Rank/Year 2014 2015 2016 2017 Private 30/20 80/70 140/100 70/40 Lance Corporal 10/10 30/20 80/60 40/30 Corporal 10/¬ 30/30 70/50 40/20 Sergeant ¬/0 ¬/¬ 10/10 10/¬ Total… Read More


Pre-Royal Navy Course (PRNC) Statistics, 2013-2017

Table 1 outlines the pass rates for those attending the Royal Navy’s Pre-Royal Navy Course (PRNC). Table 1: Pass rate for PRNC Training Year Number Attended Attended (Referred) [Note 1] Failed to Attend 2013/2014 2024 104 11 2014/2015 2065 91 17 2015/2016 2124 162 30 2016/2017 1973 128 12 Notes If a candidate fails any… Read More

Army Officers Selection Board (AOSB) Reference Material

For those of you looking to attend the British Army’s Army Officers Selection Board (AOSB), you may find the material below of some use in preparing for it: AOSB – Aptitude Test, consisting of: Verbal reasoning. Numerical reasoning. Abstract reasoning. AOSB – Memory & Attention Test (MAT) & AOSB Personality Assessment. AOSB – Practice Planning… Read More

Pharmacy Technician: Recruitment & Selection Statistics (2013-2015)

What is the number of candidates who became a Pharmacy Technician within the British armed forces between 2013 and 2015? Table 1: Pharmacy technician recruitment and selection stats for 2013 to 2015 Year No. & Type of Candidates Successful at Selection Board Commenced Training 2013 11 Candidates (all in-service transfers) 5 Candidates (45%) 4 Candidates… Read More

The Assessment Process & The Illusion of Validity

When assessing candidates for their potential to be officers in the Israeli Defence Forces, Daniel Kahneman (2011) coined the phrase ‘the illusion of validity’, which he states was his first cognitive fallacy. Daniel states: “I coined the term “illusion of validity” because the confidence we had in judgments about individual soldiers was not affected by… Read More

Joining the Military & Your Future Job: Assigned or Chosen?

Having browsed a number of military and military-related forums regarding recruitment and selection, I noticed the same (two-part) question popping up: Do they assign you a role, or do you choose the role yourself? If you apply as an officer but don’t succeed (e.g. insufficient leadership skills) do they encourage you to apply again as… Read More

British Army Recruitment & Temperamental Unsuitability

Research Paper Title Issues In Temperamental Unsuitability Re-Examining Concepts And Current Practice In The British Army. Abstract Currently, in the UK military, and particularly in the Army, a significant number of personnel are regularly discharged on the grounds of being assessed as “Temperamentally Unsuitable (TU) for military duties”, under Queen’s Regulations (QRs): (Army) 9.414 and 9.434 (1). In the last two years (2001-2003), preliminary… Read More