What is the Number of Royal Navy Personnel who Fail to Complete Phase 1 Initial Training (2010 to 2016)?

The Royal Navy (RN) has advised that in Training Year 2010/2011 there were around 180 personnel who failed Phase 1 Training and left the Navy. No RN personnel re-take the training – if need be, they are put back a few weeks, but unless they choose to leave the RN, they keep going until they… Read More


New Military Documentary: Royal Navy School

Tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm is a new military training documentary, Royal Navy School. The six part documentary follows two groups of Royal Navy trainees during their 10-weeks of basic training. Royal Navy recruits undertake their initial (Phase 1) training at HMS Raleigh, Torpoint in Cornwall.

Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection (from 2001)

Research Paper Title The Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection: A Series of Questions? Abstract From work funded by the UKs Ministry of Defence (MOD), Corporate Research Programme, the researchers have reached the stage of examining the Internet as a means of selection for the Armed Forces. Previous work has looked at computer-based testing, adaptive testing and… Read More

UK Armed Forces Recruits & Smoking Behaviour

Research Paper Title Smoking Prevalence amongst UK Armed Forces Recruits: Changes in Behaviour after 3 years follow-up and Factors affecting Smoking Behaviour. Background The purpose of this study was to investigate smoking prevalence of Tri-Service recruits, and changes in smoking behaviour at 3-year follow-up, by trade group and gender. Associations with educational attainment and deprivation… Read More