50 Years On, HMS Collingwood Training New Sailors Again

For the first time in more than 50 years civilians have begun their Royal Navy careers at HMS Collingwood. Over ten weeks, 22 men and women will complete their initial training at the Fareham establishment – the first of 500 civilians to be turned into sailors at Collingwood in 2021. The base is meeting a… Read More


Royal Navy Recruit Influx & Training Delivery Changes

Regulars In January 2021, Royal Navy (RN) recruits began training at HMS Collingwood for the first time in decades, and this is down to a response to both the growing RN and a surge in interest in joining up during the COVID-19 pandemic. As 2020 ended, applications to join the RN, Royal Marines (RM) and… Read More

BRNC Trains Second Batch of Sailors

Officer Cadets at Dartmouth passed the first milestone of their 29-week course as the second group of ratings to train at Britannia Royal Naval College embark on their course. The OCs’ exercise, known as Havoc, takes place in their fifth week and marks a significant point in the steep learning-curve in their training. Havoc tests… Read More

Dolphins for Submariners

Those who commit to joining the family that is the Silent Service will, from now on, receive a new badge. The inaugural Training Dolphins have been issued to rookie submariners – a badge they will swap for a gold emblem when they complete their demanding instruction and become fully-fledged deeps. Up to now, those joining… Read More

New CO for HMS Raleigh

There is a new face at the helm of HMS Raleigh with Captain Suzi Nielsen taking charge of the Torpoint training establishment… just a few months after leaving it. The 44-year-old was in charge of the Defence Maritime Logistics School until late last year when it closed – helping to oversee its move to the… Read More

What is the Number of Royal Navy Personnel who Fail to Complete Phase 1 Initial Training (2010 to 2016)?

The Royal Navy (RN) has advised that in Training Year 2010/2011 there were around 180 personnel who failed Phase 1 Training and left the Navy. No RN personnel re-take the training – if need be, they are put back a few weeks, but unless they choose to leave the RN, they keep going until they… Read More

New Military Documentary: Royal Navy School

Tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm is a new military training documentary, Royal Navy School. The six part documentary follows two groups of Royal Navy trainees during their 10-weeks of basic training. Royal Navy recruits undertake their initial (Phase 1) training at HMS Raleigh, Torpoint in Cornwall.