What is the Number of Royal Navy Personnel who Fail to Complete Phase 1 Initial Training (2010 to 2016)?

The Royal Navy (RN) has advised that in Training Year 2010/2011 there were around 180 personnel who failed Phase 1 Training and left the Navy.

No RN personnel re-take the training – if need be, they are put back a few weeks, but unless they choose to leave the RN, they keep going until they have passed.

Table 1 provides figures for RN Completion of Officer Phase 1 training and drop out numbers, Direct Entrant and Senior Upper Yardsman (SUY), as at 20 October 2016:

Table 1: Completion and drop-out figures
Training Year Loss/Drop-out Pass
2012/13 20 220
2013/14 20 270
2014/15 20 310
2015/16 30 360
2016/17 20 250


  • As per MOD policy, figures are rounded.

You can read about the Royal Navy’s basic training here.


FOI 2016/11677 dated 04 January 2017.


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