Dolphins for Submariners

Those who commit to joining the family that is the Silent Service will, from now on, receive a new badge.

The Gold Dolphin badge – the mark of a qualified Submariner – alongside the new Training badge.

The inaugural Training Dolphins have been issued to rookie submariners – a badge they will swap for a gold emblem when they complete their demanding instruction and become fully-fledged deeps.

Up to now, those joining the Submarine Service have had no insignia recognising their commitment to a career beneath the waves. Which is where the new insignia come in.

All new entry officers and ratings on streaming submarines at Britannia Royal Naval College and HMS Raleigh will be eligible to wear the badge, which will better recognise career progression and mark entry into the Submarine Service.

The Navy’s most senior submariner, Commodore Jim Perks, presented students of the current Submarine Qualification class at HM Naval Base Clyde with the first Training Dolphins. “The introduction of the submarine training badge marks an important step in the career of those choosing to serve as submariners,” he said. “The badge will rightly recognise the progression within the Submarine Service from trainee to fully qualified submariner. “Training dolphins will increase our Service’s visibility within our training establishment and potentially increase the number of volunteers. “With the skills and knowledge, they will attain going forward, they will turn their training badge into gold.” The ‘Gold Dolphins’ – which depict two dolphins and an anchor with a crown – have been the official mark of a qualified submariner for nearly half a century.


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