Officers & Troops: Inevitable, Inadequately & Effectively

“We have verified the inevitable – that inadequately trained officers cannot train troops effectively.” Lieutenant General Lesley J. McNair (1883 to 1944) quoted in 1943 by Khan, McNair, Educator of an Army. McNair was a US Army officer who served during World War I and World War II. He was the ‘unsung architect of the US Army’… Read More


New Military Documentary: Royal Navy School

Tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm is a new military training documentary, Royal Navy School. The six part documentary follows two groups of Royal Navy trainees during their 10-weeks of basic training. Royal Navy recruits undertake their initial (Phase 1) training at HMS Raleigh, Torpoint in Cornwall.

Establishing the Concepts & Techniques of Performance-Oriented Training in US Army Training Centres

Research Paper Title Establishing the Concepts and Techniques of Performance-Oriented Training in Army Training Centres: A Summary Report. Abstract The specific objective of Work Unit ATC-PERFORM was to provide technical research and development assistance to the US Army agencies involved in the review, evaluation, and refinement of performance-based training techniques in Army Training Centres. It… Read More