What is the UK Defence Commanding Officer’s of Training Establishments Course?

Introduction Delivered by the Defence Centre for Training Support (DCTS), this course is for commanding officers (COs) of training establishments typically from OF-4 to OF-6 level (Lieutenant Colonel to Brigadier). Location and Delivery Delivered by the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, located in Shrivenham. Duration 2 days. What You Will Learn? You will learn:… Read More


Officers & Troops: Inevitable, Inadequately & Effectively

“We have verified the inevitable – that inadequately trained officers cannot train troops effectively.” Lieutenant General Lesley J. McNair (1883 to 1944) quoted in 1943 by Khan, McNair, Educator of an Army. McNair was a US Army officer who served during World War I and World War II. He was the ‘unsung architect of the US Army’… Read More

New Military Documentary: Royal Navy School

Tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm is a new military training documentary, Royal Navy School. The six part documentary follows two groups of Royal Navy trainees during their 10-weeks of basic training. Royal Navy recruits undertake their initial (Phase 1) training at HMS Raleigh, Torpoint in Cornwall.

Establishing the Concepts & Techniques of Performance-Oriented Training in US Army Training Centres

Research Paper Title Establishing the Concepts and Techniques of Performance-Oriented Training in Army Training Centres: A Summary Report. Abstract The specific objective of Work Unit ATC-PERFORM was to provide technical research and development assistance to the US Army agencies involved in the review, evaluation, and refinement of performance-based training techniques in Army Training Centres. It… Read More