Sailors & Royal Marines can now Submit their Expense Claims via Mobile Devices

Sailors and Royal Marines can now submit their expense claims on their smart phones, tablets and home PCs thanks to the latest update to the My Navy app. The upgrade – which also includes an improved alerts section and access to support and well-being – means personnel will not necessarily have to log into JPA… Read More


Covid-19 & Accommodation Charges

Why have Service personnel continued to pay accommodation fees throughout the Covid-19 pandemic? The government’s direction was clear from the start – stay at home. Almost immediately the chain of command took the sensible approach to protect the force and directed the majority of us to work from home where it was possible and practical.… Read More

What are the Rates of Medical Downgrade in the UK Armed Forces?

What is the percentage of personnel downgraded by service? 7% of UK Naval Service personnel were medically downgraded (MLD or MND) on a permanent basis; 11% of UK Army personnel were medically downgraded to (MLD or MND) on a permanent basis; and 6% of UK RAF personnel were medically downgraded to (MLD or MND) on… Read More

Understanding MPGS Leave Entitlement

The Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) leave entitlement has evolved over the years and, after the introduction of Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) and policy changes, soldiers now receive the same entitlement as other Regular personnel, in accordance with Joint Service Publication (JSP) 760. Following a tri-Service review of MPGS leave and conditions of service, it… Read More

What are the UK’s Medical Deployability Standards?

The UK Armed Forces has three categories of medical deployability (also known as medical grading): Medically Fully Deployable (MFD): Personnel medically fit for duty with no employment limitations. Medically Limited Deployable (MLD): Personnel medically fit for duty with minor employment limitations. MLD personnel may have a medical condition or functional limitation that prevents the meeting… Read More