What are the Rates of Medical Downgrade in the UK Armed Forces?

What is the percentage of personnel downgraded by service? 7% of UK Naval Service personnel were medically downgraded (MLD or MND) on a permanent basis; 11% of UK Army personnel were medically downgraded to (MLD or MND) on a permanent basis; and 6% of UK RAF personnel were medically downgraded to (MLD or MND) on… Read More


Linking Sleep Disorders & Sleep-related Medical Diagnosis to Nondeployability in Soldiers

Research Paper Title Sleep Disturbances and Predictors of Nondeployability Among Active-Duty Army Soldiers: An Odds Ratio Analysis of Medical Healthcare Data From Fiscal Year 2018. Background The impact of sleep disorders on active-duty soldiers’ medical readiness is not currently quantified. Patient data generated at military treatment facilities can be accessed to create research reports and… Read More

What is Medically Non-Deployable (MND) Employment?

The British Army has introduced a new way of placing permanently medically downgraded personnel who cannot be retained by their unit into suitable roles elsewhere in the Service. The new process, known as medically non-deployable employment, differs from previous systems by allowing troops to be matched to posts beyond their unit and across the entire… Read More

What are the UK’s Medical Deployability Standards?

The UK Armed Forces has three categories of medical deployability (also known as medical grading): Medically Fully Deployable (MFD): Personnel medically fit for duty with no employment limitations. Medically Limited Deployable (MLD): Personnel medically fit for duty with minor employment limitations. MLD personnel may have a medical condition or functional limitation that prevents the meeting… Read More