What is Medically Non-Deployable (MND) Employment?

The British Army has introduced a new way of placing permanently medically downgraded personnel who cannot be retained by their unit into suitable roles elsewhere in the Service.

The new process, known as medically non-deployable employment, differs from previous systems by allowing troops to be matched to posts beyond their unit and across the entire Army.

Formations are now being encouraged to identify roles that could be filled by non-deployable staff.

The change only applies to Service personnel who have been classified as unfit for service in the land environment (L5 MND (P)).

Those who apply for the jobs must be ranked from private to staff sergeant or second lieutenant and lieutenant. Those outside of this range or medical grading, such as medically limited deployable personnel, will be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Applications can be submitted via appendix 22 to AGAI 78.

What kind of roles will be suitable for these troops?

There is no typical role, but it is unlikely many of them will be particularly physical in nature. In the first tranche, 454 jobs have been identified.

What level of medical problem does this apply to – does it include the overweight?

Only personnel who are graded L5 MND (P). Jobs will be matched to them on the basis of their functionality and an occupational health assessment will ensure the placement will not put the individual (or those alongside them) at risk.

Will this policy cause resentment since they will get the X-factor while not being deployable?

Unlikely. The process that matches these jobs may be new, but MND personnel have been employed by the Army for many years without reduction to X-factor, which covers more than immediate deployability. It relates to many aspects of Service life that can disadvantage troops and their families.

Why does not this apply to warrant officers, captains etc

Because it does not need to. The retention standard for warrant officers, captains and above is already L5 MND (P), so they are kept without this process.


Army Briefing Note (ABN) 048/19.

Army General Administrative Instructions (AGAI) 78: Army Medical Employment Policy (PULHEEMS Administrative Pamphlet), February 2019. Replaces PAP 17 v1.0 dated September 2017.


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