Sailors & Royal Marines can now Submit their Expense Claims via Mobile Devices

Sailors and Royal Marines can now submit their expense claims on their smart phones, tablets and home PCs thanks to the latest update to the My Navy app. The upgrade – which also includes an improved alerts section and access to support and well-being – means personnel will not necessarily have to log into JPA… Read More


Linking Attention, Walking & Mobile Phones

Cell phones are making people walk differently. A study that tracked how 21 people negotiated an obstacle and a step, without a phone or while texting, reading the screen, or making a call, found that using a phone made people walk slower and in less of a straight path, particularly when texting (Timmis et al., 2017). Reference Timmis, M.A, Bijl,… Read More

US Army Instructors’ Use of Mobile Devices in the Infantry Advanced Leaders Course

In contrast to investigating the educational effects of mobile devices on students, this research aimed to investigate the potential utility of supplying instructors (rather than students) with mobile devices to be used in conducting training. Following a review of the state of mobile devices development and potential mobile applications, a suitable tablet was selected and provisioned with apps.… Read More

Do Digital Devices Affect How We Read & Write?

Can gadgets help to educate young people? Many would say yes. Digital literacy is seen as a key enabler to a modern upbringing and mobile devices are being introduced at ever earlier ages. However, to others, they are potentially harmful distractions. There are schools that frown on kids toting tablets and universities that ban laptops from lecture theatres. Many of those who eschew these devices… Read More