US Army Instructors’ Use of Mobile Devices in the Infantry Advanced Leaders Course

Training, ClassroomIn contrast to investigating the educational effects of mobile devices on students, this research aimed to investigate the potential utility of supplying instructors (rather than students) with mobile devices to be used in conducting training.

Following a review of the state of mobile devices development and potential mobile applications, a suitable tablet was selected and provisioned with apps. US Army Infantry Advanced Leaders Course instructors utilised the tablets during three separate course iterations.

Instructors utilised the tablets as much or as little as they felt the tablets to be useful, and submitted weekly feedback regarding how often and in what ways the devices were utilised during training. Debriefing sessions were conducted at the conclusion of each course. Instructors had mixed feedback regarding the potential utility of computer tablets for implementation.

Overall, instructors saw some promise for the future potential of tablet devices for instructor use, but encountered difficulties utilising them in the extant Army technological infrastructure. The findings from this research will help guide and inform decision makers about pitfalls and advantages of utilising mobile devices in the classroom.

Read the full report: Army Instructors’ Use of Mobile Devices in the Infantry Advanced Leaders Course (Wampler et al., 2014)


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