Payment for Indirectly Supervised Physical Training Sessions


Will Reservists continue to be paid for indirectly supervised physical training sessions they conduct in their own time after the Covid-19 crisis is over?

This proposal was discussed and shot down before the pandemic but has become a reality in the current climate.

I’m also interested in whether or not the MoD would pay for, or contribute towards, Reservists’ civilian gym memberships.


Lt Col Mark Dornan, Personnel Directorate, Field Army Headquarters, replies: The policy on payment to Reservists for indirectly supervised physical training is outlined in ABN 054/2020, though this is not new policy.

This ABN is unrelated to any Covid-19 measures and will continue to endure beyond the current crisis.

Commanding officers are empowered to utilise, at their discretion, the extant policy freedoms to pay Army Reserve personnel for indirectly supervised physical training – though all sessions must be compliant with the Army physical training system, the lone soldier physical training programme and agreed in advance with unit PTIs (physical training instructors).

As to the question concerning gym fees, there is no intent for the MoD to fund these for Reservists (or Regulars). They are able to conduct the lone soldier programme without the need to access a gym.


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