Basic Managerial Skills vs Sound Military Decisions…

“There are of course those parts of the trade, or art, that can be studied, and therefore learned. There have been few great leaders who were not knowledgeable about the mechanics of the business; you cannot be an inspiring leader if you neglect the logistics that feed your men. They will not give you their… Read More


Poor Bloody Management…

“Late in February 1949 sailors on the Canadian destroyer Athabascan, on a spring training cruise to the Caribbean, staged a nonviolent demonstration, and the following week, in Far Eastern waters, so did about one-third of the 150-man crew of HMCS Crescent. The Athabascan was one of the escorts of the aircraft carrier Magnificent, thirty-two of… Read More

Good management…

“The dictum of “good management is good leadership”, itself erroneous, became perverted even more into the belief that an officer could literally manage his men to their deaths in support of a mission.” Gabriel, R.A.. & Savage, P.A. (1978) Crisis in Command, Mismanagement in the Army.

Steve Jobs & (Military) Leader Development: Content versus Process

Article Title Processing Leader Development. Extract “[Steve] Jobs will always be attached to Apple, a company whose products we adore. For Jobs, though, great products were not born from regulated, industry driven processes, but from the content of the product. Jobs was deeply concerned with a product’s ability to revolutionize society or change a way… Read More

Training Management in the US Army in 1977

Research Paper Title Battalion/Brigade Commander’s Training Management Package (Self-Paced) – 01 July 1977. Outline This training management package was developed for you, the commander, as a means by which you can prepare or improve your proficiency to perform your training management function. This training package has been prepared in a self-paced format in order that you may Spend… Read More

Motivation: Money & Yellow Ribbon!

“We can not pay people to do their best, nor can we order them to excel.” Unknown “Money motivates neither the best people, nor the best in people. It can move the body and influence the mind, but it cannot touch the heart or move the spirit; that is reserved for belief, principle and morality. As… Read More