Leadership & Rank…

“Leadership is not a rank.” Unknown “Leadership is a choice, not a rank.” Simon Sinek (Management Theorist) Reference Sinek, S. (2014) Leadership is about making others feel safe: Simon Sinek at TED2014. Available from World Wide Web: http://blog.ted.com/leadership-is-about-making-others-feel-safe-simon-sinek-at-ted2014/. [Accessed: 03 January, 2015]. Advertisements Advertisements


The British Army: The Boer War & Tactical Developments

Research Paper Title The Influence of the Boer War (1899-1902) on the Tactical Development of the Regular British Army 1902-1914. Abstract This thesis examines the influence of the Boer War 1899 – 1902 upon tactics and training in the regular British Army 1902 – 1914. The work argues that several key lessons drawn from South Africa became… Read More

(Military) Management Education & the Challenges for Staff Development

Research Paper Title Management Education and Challenges for Staff Development. Abstract The way in which information is shared and managed in the current information society has changed. Managers find it a complex task to deal effectively with the information and communication technology in the digital work environment. Yet they play an important role in effectively implementing changed… Read More

(Leadership) Fatigue Tends…

“Fatigue tends to be the fate of the ambitious, conscientious or the idealistic. It is really experienced by the astute, the lazy or the clever … who may go to considerable trouble to avoid the condition.” (Macksey, 1975, p.169-170). L’Etang, H. (1969) The Pathology of Leadership: A History of the Effects of Disease on 20th Century… Read More

A Research Programme to Develop Critical Thinking in US Army Officers

Research Paper Title Critical Thinking Training for Army Officers Volume One: Overview of Research Programme. Abstract This report is the first of three volumes describing a multi-year research programme to develop and validate web based training in critical thinking for Army officers. This first volume presents an overview of the research efforts that developed and validated a theoretical… Read More

Theory, Observations & Doctrine…

“Theory must be of the nature of observations not of doctrine.” (Clausewitz, 2014, p.46.). Reference von Clausewitz, C. & Graham, J.J. (trans) (2014) On War. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

New Page Uploaded: No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy

I have just uploaded a new webpage ‘No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy‘. A pithy statement I first came into contact with during service with the British Army. It has roots that can be viewed from 2,500 years ago (with a bit of imagination). Presented as an insight article rather as an in-depth piece,… Read More