Training Management in the US Army in 1977

Research Paper Title Battalion/Brigade Commander’s Training Management Package (Self-Paced) – 01 July 1977. Outline This training management package was developed for you, the commander, as a means by which you can prepare or improve your proficiency to perform your training management function. This training package has been prepared in a self-paced format in order that you may Spend… Read More


An Historic Evaluation of the RAAF’s Navigator Course (1990)

Research Paper Title A Study to Evaluate the Syllabus of Training for the Royal Australian Air Force Navigator Course. Background The primary aim of the thesis was to address a need for an independent evaluation of the RAAF Navigator Course which was expressed by staff officers in Air Force Office in early 1989. Although several occupational analyses have been… Read More

Training & Cognitive Bias: Any Link?

Research Paper Title Training Induces Cognitive Bias: The Case of a Simulation-Based Emergency Airway Curriculum. Introduction Training-induced cognitive bias may affect performance. Using a simulation-based emergency airway curriculum, we tested the hypothesis that curriculum design would induce bias and affect decision making. Methods Twenty-three novice anesthesiology residents were randomized into 2 groups. The primary outcome measure was the initiation… Read More

US Army: Changing Instructional System Design to Improve Training Product Delivery

Research Paper Title Changes in Instructional System Design (ISD): Improving Training Product Delivery to United States Army Soldiers. Background The purpose of this study was to identify methods that could speed up the instructional system design process used by the US Army up to this point. The current Army Instructional System Design process is the Systems Approach to… Read More

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Game-based Training in the ADF

Research Paper Title Evaluating the Effectiveness of Game-Based Training: A Controlled Study with Dismounted Infantry Teams. Executive Summary Computer games are increasingly being used by armed forces to supplement traditional methods of military training. While the potential benefits of these games are well documented; there is little objective evidence to support their perceived training benefits,… Read More

Progessive Training Reduces Stress Fractures

Research Paper Title Stress Fractures in Royal Marine Recruits. Abstract Data are presented on stress fracture patterns at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM). To reduce the high number of training injuries, including stress fractures, a complete review of the training syllabus was undertaken. Following recommendations from this review, a newly designed, physiologically progressive… Read More