Training Management in the US Army in 1977

Research Paper Title

Battalion/Brigade Commander’s Training Management Package (Self-Paced) – 01 July 1977.


This training management package was developed for you, the commander, as a means by which you can prepare or improve your proficiency to perform your training management function.

This training package has been prepared in a self-paced format in order that you may Spend as much or as little time as necessary in each training unit until you are Satisfied that you have mastered the material.

There are four major sections to this training management package:

  1. Training Units 1-8 provide training and information on the many training developments and initiatives that have a direct impact on training and its management.
  2. Training Units 9-12 provide training, explanations, and illustrations on the “How To” of the conduct of training management in units.
  3. The Battalion Commander’s Training Management Checklist is provided, as a tool, to assist you in guiding and conducting the training management process in your unit.
  4. The devices section is just a sampling of the many training devices available in the Army inventory. This information is included in your training package in order to provide you some examples of the many applications of training devices that cam improve the efficiency and effectiveness of training in units under your command.

It is interesting to see what is/ or is not still ‘in vogue’, terminology changes, as well as the obvious changes driven by research since 1977.


Battalion-Field Commander Training Management Package (US Army, 1977)


US Army (1997) Battalion/Brigade Commander’s Training Management Package.


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