Moving to Australia: Update 4

Australia (1)It is exactly one month till we start our journey to Australia.

Apart from accommodation, everything is sorted (fingers crossed, LOL).

One can rent a property ahead of departure, but the estate agents really don’t like it (mainly because you will not have been around the property prior to moving in). They are also very slow in updating their websites regarding dates of availability and when a property has been secured by someone else.

Missives for the house sale have been finalised and our move out date of 04 July is still on, or in the words of the solicitor “we are still working towards 4th July for settlement.”

We visited family last weekend, Reece (4) was fine but Ryan (2) kept asking to go home. Hopefully, the week of disruption (4th to 10th) is not too unsettling for them.

The first of our packing boxes arrived on Saturday, and we started on the kitchen yesterday. It is surprising what stuff/junk you find after five years (a mixture of sentimentality, pragmatism, and oh my god what is that). We have slowly been cancelling direct debits/subscriptions etc, and fortunately all our contracts have been going for a while so no sly early cancellation fees.

We have also found out that we can take the kids car seats as luggage at no extra cost. I can’t wait to move 2 adults, 2 kids, 4 hand luggage, 4-5 suitcases, and 2 car seats. To move all this we have had to book a (massive) taxi, costing approximately £80 (Glasgow to Edinburgh).

We are spending 2 days in Edinburgh, for admin reasons, then a quick flight to Singapore for another 2 days (this is to give the kids a rest). After this we fly straight to Perth, Australia, landing in the afternoon (Aus time).

Of course, landing in Perth brings its own admin fun. Heather has to register as a Doctor, we have to activate our bank account, rent (and then buy) a car, find somewhere short term to live (and then long term), buy rego (compulsory third party car insurance), get mobile phones, and so on. We also need to remember to take our driving licences when driving; its a fine otherwise.

Ironically, one of the reasons for moving to Australia is the weather, Scotland (especially the West coast) is experiencing a mini heatwave (although last year Scotland’s summer was a whole week in March (LOL). I have been making the most of the sunny weather by exercising in the garden and getting a base tan, so I don’t frazzle in the Aus heat.

Only 34 days till we land in Australia; just look at Suka’s expression when I told him.

A joy to see happy faces
A joy to see happy faces

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