A New Life…

“The British Army gives many a new life. Its not a job, but a lifestyle. Even if you come from nothing, and had the worst upbringing. It gives you a family, job security and some real life lessons.” Reference Spencer, N. (2019) This is for Anyone That’s Struggling with Life. Available from World Wide Web:… Read More


What it is like to Work as a Reporter in the Military?

A military reporter is a person who writes: Articles covering the military field; Helps create programmes for radio and TV; Hosts interviews; and A focus upon all military events. All these aspects are a part of their job. Working in this field is both demanding and stressful, so you should think carefully before you make… Read More

Welcome to Planet Commando: The Gold Coast’s Commando Theme Park!

Newspaper Article Title An ex special forces soldier has launched a commando theme park on the Gold Coast. Outline IN a storage estate off the main drag at Yatala is what looks to be just another big square box warehouse. Until you step inside. What greets you is impressive and intriguing. Right in front of… Read More

Moving to Australia: In Australia!

Well, we have finally arrived in Australia to be greeted by … rain and 10 degrees, WTF. Ironically, one of the reasons for leaving ‘sunny’ Scotland was the weather: everyone we have met so far tells us that the current weather is not representative. The contrast is even more pronounced after 31 degrees in Singapore. My… Read More

Moving to Australia: Update 4

It is exactly one month till we start our journey to Australia. Apart from accommodation, everything is sorted (fingers crossed, LOL). One can rent a property ahead of departure, but the estate agents really don’t like it (mainly because you will not have been around the property prior to moving in). They are also very… Read More