Play Duo: Tank for Me & Playpark for the Kids

Sunny weather, a tank, a gun and a play park all in one – what dream! Taken at Warnbro about 35-40km south of Perth, Western Australia. Kids loved it, and me too…

warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-1 warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-2 warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-3 warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-4 warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-5 warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-6 warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-7 warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-8 warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-9 warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-10 warnbro-sound-avenue-war-memorial-2016-09-25-11


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