What was the Mutual Defence Assistance Act (1949)?

Introduction The Mutual Defence Assistance Act (MDAA) was a United States Act of Congress signed by President Harry S. Truman on 06 October 1949. For US Foreign policy, it was the first US military foreign aid legislation of the Cold War era, and initially to Europe. The Act followed Truman’s signing of the Economic Cooperation… Read More


Who was David B. Bleak?

Introduction David Bruce Bleak (27 February 1932 to 23 March 2006) was a soldier of the United States Army during the Korean War. Bleak rose to the rank of staff sergeant and was awarded the Medal of Honour, the highest military decoration of the United States, for his actions near Minari-gol, South Korea, on 14… Read More

Who was William R. Charette?

Introduction William Richard Charette (29 March 1932 to 18 March 2012) was a United States Navy master chief hospital corpsman who received the nation’s highest military decoration for valour, the Medal of Honour. He was awarded the medal for heroic actions “above and beyond the call of duty” on 27 March 1953, while assigned to… Read More

Who was Ola Lee Mize?

Introduction Ola Lee Mize (28 August 1931 to 12 March 2014) was a United States Army officer and a recipient of the Medal of Honour for his actions in the Korean War. Biography Mize was born in Albertville, Alabama, the son of a sharecropper. He left school after 9th grade to help support his family.… Read More

Who was Bud Day?

Introduction George Everette “Bud” Day (24 February 1925 to 27 July 2013) was a United States Air Force officer, aviator, and veteran of World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War. He was also a prisoner of war, and recipient of the Medal of Honour and Air Force Cross. As of 2016, he is the… Read More

Who was Douglas MacArthur?

Introduction Douglas MacArthur (26 January 1880 to 05 April 1964) was an American military leader who served as General of the Army for the United States, as well as a Field Marshal to the Philippine Army. He was Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the 1930s, and he played a prominent role… Read More

Who was Tibor Rubin?

Introduction Tibor “Ted” Rubin (18 June 1929 to 05 December 2015) was a former Hungarian-American Army Corporal. A Holocaust survivor who immigrated to the United States in 1948, he fought in the Korean War and was awarded the Medal of Honour for his actions during the war, as a combatant and a prisoner of war… Read More