Real Leader…

“To get the best out of your men, they must feel that you are their real leader and must know that they can depend upon you.” John Pershing (1860 to 1948) John J. Pershing, in full John Joseph Pershing, byname Black Jack, was a US Army general who commanded the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in… Read More


Impossible vs Possible

“One must demand the impossible to ensure that the possible will be achieved.” Field Marshal Helmut von Moltke (1800 to 1891) Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf[ von Moltke was a Prussian field marshal. The chief of staff of the Prussian Army for thirty years, he is regarded as the creator of a new, more modern method… Read More

Never Speak Ironically or Sarcastically…

“An officer should never speak ironically or sarcastically to an enlisted man, since the latter does not have a fair chance to answer back. The use of profanity and epithets comes under the same headings. The best argument for a man keeping his temper is that nobody else wants it; and when he voluntary throws… Read More

World War I & Hearing Loss

Research Paper Title Hearing loss in the trenches – a hidden morbidity of World War I. Background One hundred years ago, millions of British and Allied troops were fighting in the trenches of the Great War. With a tenth of soldiers losing their lives, hearing loss seemed a low priority; however, vast numbers of troops… Read More

Asbestos & the Military

Asbestos, a furry silicate mineral was woven into textiles and incorporated into building materials so that they would not burn. It found its way into cement, pipes, tiles and shingles. During World War One, Kaiser Wilhelm, the German monarch, sheltered in a portable asbestos hut. During World War Two, the United States armed forces used… Read More

A Town Called Berlin, Ontario

“The inhabitants of Berlin, Ontario, whose heritage is largely German, decided during the first world war to call the town Kitchener, after Lord Kitchener, the British field-marshal and secretary of war whose face appeared on recruiting posters.” Reference The Economist. (2019) Welcome to Toxic Town. The Economist. 14 December 2019, pp.29.

What Did Officers Actually Do?

“In return for their privileges, what did officers actually do? The simple answer, at least for regimental officers, is that they gave leadership, took responsibility, and set an example, if necessary, by dying. … Implicit was the assumption that the officer would be the first to die in battle. Officers were the first out of… Read More