Moving to Australia: In Australia!

Well, we have finally arrived in Australia to be greeted by … rain and 10 degrees, WTF. Ironically, one of the reasons for leaving ‘sunny’ Scotland was the weather: everyone we have met so far tells us that the current weather is not representative. The contrast is even more pronounced after 31 degrees in Singapore. My… Read More


Moving to Australia: Update 4

It is exactly one month till we start our journey to Australia. Apart from accommodation, everything is sorted (fingers crossed, LOL). One can rent a property ahead of departure, but the estate agents really don’t like it (mainly because you will not have been around the property prior to moving in). They are also very… Read More

Moving to Australia: Update 3

After selling our house (missives take forever) we have now passed the next big hurdle, the medical regulator (5 different organisations) application for the missus to work in Australia. After some pantomime antics (you didn’t do x, oh yes we did and here’s the photo evidence) the missus has finally been certified to work as… Read More

Moving to Australia: Update 2

First big hurdle has been overcome: we have sold our house and at a better price than we expected. We now have to negotiate a mutual moving date and let the solicitors do their searches and what not for the missives, which can take up to 12 weeks! In case you didn’t know, solicitors (that… Read More

Moving to Australia: Update 1

Well it has been five months since I last spoke about moving to Australia, and what has happened since? Well, lots and not much! Medical Application: The missus has nearly finished her medical application process, five months and one final step to go. A sequential process, requiring one step to be completed before starting another.… Read More