Moving to Australia: Update 3

Australia (1)After selling our house (missives take forever) we have now passed the next big hurdle, the medical regulator (5 different organisations) application for the missus to work in Australia.

After some pantomime antics (you didn’t do x, oh yes we did and here’s the photo evidence) the missus has finally been certified to work as a GP in Australia.

The next ‘biggy’ is the visa application, but once submitted apparently only takes 5(ish) days to authorise. If you say yes to anything on the medical section you require a (private) medical; which is really really cheap! £500, bloody doctors’ (LOL).

So, only two potential ‘showstoppers’ with regards emigrating to Australia: visa and swapping house keys on 04 July.

Only 70 days to go.

Did you know that Allied forces landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula on 25 April 1915.


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