Moving to Australia: In Australia!

Well, we have finally arrived in Australia to be greeted by … rain and 10 degrees, WTF.

Ironically, one of the reasons for leaving ‘sunny’ Scotland was the weather: everyone we have met so far tells us that the current weather is not representative. The contrast is even more pronounced after 31 degrees in Singapore.

My laptop is telling me it is 04:43, but here in Perth it is 11:43. Body clock totally thrown and the whole family bushwhacked, we slept for about 10 hours.

From a security perspective, getting out of the UK was ridiculous. We flew from Edinburgh to Heathrow and then on to Singapore, and then to Perth 2 days later. At both Edinburgh and Heathrow we had our bags searched and went through the body scanner. The missus got told off for having bottles over 100ml: we were told we could have as many bottles under 100ml as we liked but none over 100ml.  This policy seems strange because after security you can buy bottles over 100ml, and you can decant your smaller bottles into the bigger ones. At both Singapore and Perth, security was ever present (and vigilant) but more distant.

We got into our flat about 3pm and had to put the heating on due to the cold!!! We then made a trip to the convenience store across the rode, $5.95 for a small jar of coffee, about £4.00 with the current exchange rate and about twice the cost of the UK. In general, prices for the weekly shop are higher (sometimes by quite a bit).

Everyone is finally up, although a bit groggy. Off to hire a car and then visit a supermarket for (hopefully) a slightly less expensive shop.

As an observation, for the UKs Brexit vote, we had the outcome in less than 24 hours. Australia had a general election last Saturday, yet some places won’t start counting votes till tomorrow (9 days later!).


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