Moving to Australia: Update 1

Well it has been five months since I last spoke about moving to Australia, and what has happened since? Well, lots and not much! Medical Application: The missus has nearly finished her medical application process, five months and one final step to go. A sequential process, requiring one step to be completed before starting another.… Read More


Australia: Making the Move

Morning Everyone, We (the missus and I) decided a few years ago to make a move to Australia (that place that is slightly less sunny than our native Scotland!). Well, we have finally made a concrete move in that direction by the missus applying for and being accepted for a GP position; with a provisional… Read More

Fitness Australia: Outdoor Training Guidelines

Fitness Australia’s Outdoor Training Guidelines is a 3-page (short but succinct) document, published in September 2013, which provides guidance on the following: Duty of Care; Professional Skill, Qualification and Continuing Education; Risk Management; Planning and Delivery; Professional and Ethical Practice; and Additional Resources. Fitness Australia is the national health and fitness industry association and is committed… Read More

Another Academic Warns About Fitness Boot Camps

In an article by Adelaide Now, University of South Australia Professor of Exercise Kevin Norton said the fitness [Boot Camp] courses could progress too quickly. “It’s one of the most dangerous activities you can do; a lot of injuries I see start with boot camp-style training,” he said. “But it is not just the fault… Read More