A Profile of the Canadian Armed Forces, from 2008

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A Profile of the Canadian Forces.


Canada’s military makes up a small but significant segment of Canadian society. The Canadian Forces (CF) are an important part of the country’s national image, both at home and abroad.

On the international front, these highly trained men and women are repeatedly called upon to participate in the humanitarian, peacekeeping and security missions of international organisations such as the UN and NATO; while domestically, their expertise is often needed in search and rescue operations and aiding citizens cope with natural disasters such as forest fires, floods, avalanches and ice storms.

Additional responsibilities include assisting in the protection of Canada’s fisheries and in the detection and interception of shipments of illegal drugs.


A Profile of the Canadian Forces (Park, 2008)


Park, J. (2008) A Profile of the Canadian Forces. Perspectives. July 2008, pp.17-30. Statistics Canada — Catalogue no. 75-001-X.


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