What are the 4 Core Functions of Business Analytics?

Did you know there are four core functions of business analytics? Do you know what they mean? Do you know what business analytics is? Now, you might think business analytics is for geeks but as a manager or business owner, these four functions of business analytics are very important. For those who are not sure,… Read More


A Profile of the Canadian Armed Forces, from 2008

Research Paper Title A Profile of the Canadian Forces. Outline Canada’s military makes up a small but significant segment of Canadian society. The Canadian Forces (CF) are an important part of the country’s national image, both at home and abroad. On the international front, these highly trained men and women are repeatedly called upon to participate in the humanitarian, peacekeeping and… Read More

Ancient Soldiers & Early Statistics

“In ancient times, the Athenian general and historian Thucydides described an attempt by soldiers to estimate the height of a wall before a siege. The calculation was made by  counting rows of bricks. Though “some [soldiers] might miss the right calculation,” he wrote, “most would hit upon it”. Making siege ladders based on the most… Read More

The World’s Largest Navy…

“Within four years [1809], the [Royal] navy had 113 seaworthy ships of the line, to which were added the 596 cruisers, which had trebled in number since 1793, as the navy used every sinew to prosecute the war: it was the only time in history before the Second World War that one navy deployed half… Read More