Time for Another World War?

Since 1945, the world has been – comparatively – peaceful. Some believe this ‘long peace’ is the start of a new, conflict-free era. However, a recent analysis suggests it is just a blip, and a major war could be around the corner. The long peace began after the second world war. In his 2011 book The Better Angels… Read More


What are the Top Five Principal Causes of Medical Downgrading in the UK Regular Armed Forces?

Table 1 outlines the top five principal [1] causes of medical downgrading in the UK Regular armed forces on 01 April 2017 [2]. Table 1: Top five principals causes of medical downgrading Causes Percentage Musculoskeletal Disorders & Injuries 59 Mental & Behavioural Disorders 11 Factors Influencing Health Status [3] 5 Ear & Mastoid Process Diseases… Read More