Do Your Early Performance Wins Breed Overconfidence?

Being too sure of oneself can be a problem, and research reveals a pattern in how it develops. In an experiment that involved making medical diagnoses, subjects with no experience started out under-confident, but after just a few early successes they perceived themselves as more expert than they actually were – a phenomenon the researchers… Read More


Military Mnemonics

Below is a selection of useful and plainly amusing military mnemonics: F.B.I.D.nm Full / Brief / Individual / Delayed R.S.V.P. Rhythm, Speed, Volume & Pitch C.L.A.P. Clear, Loud, As an Order & and with Pauses C.L.A.S.S.I.C. Covert Local Area Sensing System for Intruder Classification T.O.B.I.A.S. Territorial Observation By Intruder Alarm System G.R.I.T. Group, Range, Indication… Read More

British Army: Linking Learning Systems to Organisational Learning

Research Paper Title Coping with Knowledge: Organizational Learning in the British Army? Abstract This article – based on data that employs interviews conducted with British Army personnel – adopts a social theory of learning in order to examine how both formal and informal learning systems have affected organisational learning within the Army in relation to… Read More

A Method for Understanding Students’ Perceptions of Concepts in the Defence in Depth Strategy

Research Paper Title A Method for Understanding Students’ Perceptions of Concepts in the Defence in Depth Strategy. Abstract The Defence in Depth strategy is a fundamental principle in the physical protection of the assets of an organisation. The robustness of the strategy has allowed it to be applied to a range of situations where assets need to be… Read More

Mobile Agents for Battlespace Information Exchange

Research Paper Title Mobile Agents for Battlespace Information Exchange. Executive Summary An agent is an abstraction, or a concept that provides a convenient and powerful way to describe a complex software entity that is capable of autonomously accomplishing tasks on behalf of its owner. More specifically, a Mobile Agent (MA) is an agent which is… Read More