What is Moodle Mobile?

Courses hosted on the Defence Learning Environment (DLE) can now be accessed offline via the Moodle Mobile App to a mobile/tablet. Courses can be downloaded when connected to the internet for completion offline. The Benefits of Moodle Mobile include: Moodle Mobile enables deployed personnel access to DLE courses whilst offline with all personnel being encouraged to download… Read More


Making the Connection: Student Learning, Multimedia Messages & Instructor Drawn Diagrams

Research Paper Title Effects of Observing the Instructor Draw Diagrams on Learning From Multimedia Messages. Methods In 4 experiments, participants viewed a short video-based lesson about how the Doppler effect works. Some students viewed already-drawn diagrams while listening to a concurrent oral explanation, whereas other students listened to the same explanation while viewing the instructor actually draw the… Read More

British Army: Linking Learning Systems to Organisational Learning

Research Paper Title Coping with Knowledge: Organizational Learning in the British Army? Abstract This article – based on data that employs interviews conducted with British Army personnel – adopts a social theory of learning in order to examine how both formal and informal learning systems have affected organisational learning within the Army in relation to… Read More

A Challenging Task: Training of Trainers in Problem-based Learning

Training of trainers in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is one of the most challenging tasks facing by higher learning institutions in Malaysia. It was time consuming and demanded high level of commitment from university leaders and training trainers to prepare and equip the academics with proper skills in PBL. A number of institutions have taken their pro-active efforts… Read More