What is Moodle Mobile?

Courses hosted on the Defence Learning Environment (DLE) can now be accessed offline via the Moodle Mobile App to a mobile/tablet.

Courses can be downloaded when connected to the internet for completion offline.

The Benefits of Moodle Mobile include:

  • Moodle Mobile enables deployed personnel access to DLE courses whilst offline with all personnel being encouraged to download the Moodle Mobile App and utilise the ability to complete DLE courses offline.
  • Personnel can use Moodle Mobile to keep in date for Core (Common/Army/Maritime/Air Force) Skills and other role specific training through the Moodle Mobile App.
  • The Moodle Mobile App can be downloaded from any App Store, enabling personnel to conduct learning whilst deployed or where there may be poor internet access.
  • To use the DLE offline, users must first download their course materials whilst online. When the user re-connects the Moodle Mobile App to the internet, the learner record will be updated on the DLE to reflect learner progress and completions.
  • The DLE hosts mandated training, but there are also a wide variety of courses personnel may choose to do out of interest. These range from Electronic Warfare and Counter Fraud & Corruption to Domestic Abuse Basic Awareness.

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