An Overview of (US) Military Training (2000)

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An Overview of Military Training.


Military training means definite but very different things to different people:

  • To the commander of a military unit, it means exercising troops in the field or sailors at sea so that they operate as an integrated, coordinated unit.
  • To military personnel managers, it means preparing and certifying individuals across a full spectrum of occupational specialties that include cooks, dog handlers, tank turret repairers, radar technicians, and fighter pilots.
  • To developers and providers of major military systems, it means exercises performed in simulators or on the systems themselves.
  • To all concerned, it means preparing individuals from a civilian society to perform as professional military personnel.

Military training is distinguished from other forms of training by its emphases on:

  • Discipline;
  • Just-in-case preparation; and
  • The training of collectives.

This document is intended to provide a general system-wide overview that will provide a useful perspective on military training for all those involved in developing and assessing prototypes for the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative.

You can read the full research: An Overview of Military Training (Fletcher & Chatelier, 2000).


Fletcher, J.D. & Chatelier, P.R. (2000) An Overview of Military Training. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 02 December, 2018].


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