Military Teachers & Empathy

Research Paper Title What are the Perceptions of Teachers in the Military about Empathy. Abstract This dissertation examines the perceptions of soldiers within a military education establishment on the subject of empathy. Perceptions were explored on a range of issues including the meaning of empathy, the advantages and disadvantages of empathic approaches in educational contexts… Read More


US Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) Student Guide

The US Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) is a five module course as outlined below: Module 1: Course Introduction Explain the goals of the ABIC Course and the role of instructor in the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE) Explain course goal, map, and requirements Explain role of the instructor Module 2: ATED Overview Define the Army… Read More

Making Good Instructors Great: USMC Cognitive Readiness & Instructor Professionalisation Initiatives

After a decade of waging unconventional conflicts, Defence stakeholders now generally accept that the US military has entered a new era of warfare, distinguished from previous generations by its prevalence of insurgent and terrorist tactics, frequency of non-kinetic tactical dilemmas, complexity of the sociocultural context, and emphasis on operational decentralization. To excel under such conditions, each war-fighter (down… Read More

A Challenging Task: Training of Trainers in Problem-based Learning

Training of trainers in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is one of the most challenging tasks facing by higher learning institutions in Malaysia. It was time consuming and demanded high level of commitment from university leaders and training trainers to prepare and equip the academics with proper skills in PBL. A number of institutions have taken their pro-active efforts… Read More