Seemingly Incompetent but Useful…

“‘He’ll never make a good soldier’ should not be heard from the confident leader. Seemingly incompetent men should be a challenge to one’s ability. They should be studied more closely and the best method of handling them discovered. In every man there is much that may be made useful for military purposes.” “Discipline and Personality,”… Read More


Instructional Strategies & Methods for Delivering Instruction

The attached document outlines the ‘matrix of instructional strategies’ recommended by TRADOC, the Training and Doctrine Command of the US Army, published in 2011. The document includes: Outline of instructional method; Optimal group size; Instructor role(s); Methods (the how); Interactivity level; Devices (e.g. blogs, facebook, PPT etc); Meta-tags; and Other useful information. The 2011 version… Read More

Reviewing Instructional Strategies relevant to (US) Military Training Goals.

Research Paper Title Instructional Strategies Framework for Military Training Systems. Abstract In an effort to improve training efficiency ,the [US] military has focused much attention on the development of replicable and generalisable training systems. As a result, a substantial number of companies and contractors have spent significant time and money developing a wide-array of simulators,virtual reality… Read More

ATRA Code of Practice for [Military] Instructors (1998)

Below is a copy of the Army Training and Recruitment Agency’s (ATRA) code of practice for instructors from 1998, obtained through an FOI request. All instructors where to have a personal copy for reference and knowledgeable on its contents, and adhere to its ethos when acting in an instructional capacity. ATRA is now known as… Read More

How to be a ‘Good’ Boot Camp Instructor?

I think this is a difficult question to answer due to the fact that the term ‘Boot Camp’ means different things to different people. However, not one to shy away from an academic argument, I would say that the following links provide a good starting point: Page: Must Haves and Red Flags; Page: Principles of Good Instruction;… Read More