What Spurs Demand for Product Versions?

When companies are deciding how many variants of a product to offer, what should they take into account? In a series of six experiments, researchers identified a key factor: whether people see the item as: Utilitarian; or Hedonic (i.e. related to pleasure). Two examples of the experiments include: Students were instructed, variously, to select a… Read More


Blended Learning: A New Hybrid Teaching Methodology

Research Paper Title Blended Learning: A New Hybrid Teaching Methodology Abstract Blended Learning is an approach that provides innovative educational solutions through an effective mix of traditional classroom teaching with mobile learning and online activities for teachers, trainers and students. The concept of blended learning is rooted in the idea that learning is not just… Read More

Are There Any Key Decision Factors when Selecting E-Learning?

Research Paper Title Seven Key Decision Factors for Selecting e-Learning. Abstract E-learning is increasingly being adopted as a routine instructional media, and has moved from a niche solution in the defence and aerospace industries, to one that is adopted across the vast majority of industries and within education worldwide. E-learning is not however suited for all types of learning outcome or… Read More

Reviewing Instructional Strategies relevant to (US) Military Training Goals.

Research Paper Title Instructional Strategies Framework for Military Training Systems. Abstract In an effort to improve training efficiency ,the [US] military has focused much attention on the development of replicable and generalisable training systems. As a result, a substantial number of companies and contractors have spent significant time and money developing a wide-array of simulators,virtual reality… Read More

Historical Reflection on Learning Theories & Instructional Design by Robert Tennyson

Research Paper Title Historical Reflection on Learning Theories and Instructional Design. Abstract Employing his research and practical experience in the field of educational psychology, with a specialty in instructional design and technology, Robert Tennyson (University of Minnesota, USA) reflects on the theoretical foundations of instructional design. Tennyson’s purpose is to show the growth of the… Read More

Education & Training Technology in the [US] Military

Research Paper Title Education and Training Technology in the Military. Abstract The United States Department of Defense (DOD) has contributed to the development of various education and training technologies, two of which are computer-assisted instruction and simulation-based instruction. DOD investment in computer-assisted instruction has continued from the 1950s to the present. Its contributions have ranged from drill and… Read More