Perspectives on Distance Education & e-Learning in the South African Military

Research Paper Title Distance Education and e-Learning in the South African Military. Outline When writing about contemporary South African military issues, scholars face some difficulty. Firstly, very little, if any, scholarly research emanating from within the military is being published in South Africa or elsewhere at present. On the surface it appears as if the military… Read More


Are There Any Key Decision Factors when Selecting E-Learning?

Research Paper Title Seven Key Decision Factors for Selecting e-Learning. Abstract E-learning is increasingly being adopted as a routine instructional media, and has moved from a niche solution in the defence and aerospace industries, to one that is adopted across the vast majority of industries and within education worldwide. E-learning is not however suited for all types of learning outcome or… Read More

Learned Luddites

Taken from The Economist: Headline: Many professors are hostile to online education. Article: Some people hope that the internet will revolutionise higher education, making it cheaper and more accessible to the masses. Others fear the prospect. Some academics worry that they will be sacked and replaced by videos of their more photogenic colleagues. Others argue… Read More

MOOC Courses: Weeks 2 & 3

Course 01: Nutrition & Physical Activity for Health Weeks 2 & 3. What we have learned so far: Week 2, Module 3: Macronutrient Considerations, Carbohydrates. Week 2, Module 4: Macronutrient Considerations, Proteins. Week 3, Module 5: Macronutrient Considerations, Fats. Week 3, Module 6: Vitamins. I did not fully appreciate just how much I had either… Read More

ROI: Demonstrating The Value & Impact of Learning Professionals

The CIPDs Learning and Talent Development Survey 2013 gives an indication of the continued critical importance of learning and talent development to the business environment. The CIPD notes that learning professionals are still operating in a resource-light, challenge-rich environment (as identified in 2012 and since the onset of the global financial crisis); times are tough… Read More

New Sub-section: Human Resource Development

A new sub-section of the blog ‘Human Resource Development’ can be found under the main page heading of ‘Human resources. This new section looks at learning and development and CPD in the context of fitness boot camps and military fitness.