Something to Replace PowerPoint (PPT)?

I remember the days of instructing with this piece of equipment. Place acetate (hand written). Place blank A4 sheet over acetate. Turn on OHP. Talk. Turn of OHP Move A4 sheet down. Turn OHP back on. Talk. Repeat steps endlessly!!! Advertisements


Instructional Strategies & Methods for Delivering Instruction

The attached document outlines the ‘matrix of instructional strategies’ recommended by TRADOC, the Training and Doctrine Command of the US Army, published in 2011. The document includes: Outline of instructional method; Optimal group size; Instructor role(s); Methods (the how); Interactivity level; Devices (e.g. blogs, facebook, PPT etc); Meta-tags; and Other useful information. The 2011 version… Read More

Are There Any Key Decision Factors when Selecting E-Learning?

Research Paper Title Seven Key Decision Factors for Selecting e-Learning. Abstract E-learning is increasingly being adopted as a routine instructional media, and has moved from a niche solution in the defence and aerospace industries, to one that is adopted across the vast majority of industries and within education worldwide. E-learning is not however suited for all types of learning outcome or… Read More

Military Operations & Tactical Decision Making

Research Paper Title Tactical Decision Making: A Proposed Evaluation Criteria Model for the Infantry Battalion’s Tactical Estimate during Offensive Operations. Abstract This study seeks to determine if it is possible to construct an evaluation criteria model that improves the infantry battalion’s capability to select the best course of action during the deliberate tactical estimate. It examines US and selected… Read More