What is the Combat Support Boat (CSB) Trailer Operator Instructor Course?

Aim of the Course Complimenting the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) principles, students will learn how to become effective trainers in this specialised area and learn how to assess in a controlled environment as per the recognised test standards and in accordance with Joint Service Publications. Facilitated by IDT(A). Entry Standards Phase 3 personnel… Read More


Quality & Quantity…

“Numbers alone do not produce military strength. Soldier quality is essential to our strength. This duality is achieved by good leadership and instruction.” General Maxwell D. Taylor (1901 to 1987) Maxwell Davenport Taylor was a US Army officer who became a pioneer in airborne warfare in Europe during World War II and who later served… Read More

Analysing the Perceptions of Phase 1 Military Instructors regarding their Role

Research Paper Title What are the Perceptions of Phase 1 Military Instructors regarding their Role? Abstract The aim of this research was to investigate the perceptions of phase 1 military instructors regarding their role and perceived effectiveness in the delivery of teaching. It further examined, whether phase 1 instructors believe their current delivery methods and intuitional parameters allow… Read More

Discussing the Competency of the Military Fitness Training Leaders in the Hellenic Army

Research Paper Title The Competency of the Military Fitness Training Leaders in the Hellenic Army. Introduction The effectiveness of the military depends on the army’s personnel quality resulting from their training and skills level rather than the quantity of men, weapons or materials. It refers to the soldiers’ and officers’ acquired skills and competencies needed… Read More

What are the Options for Increasing Gender Integration in the US Air Force Basic Military Training Programme?

Research Paper Title An Assessment of Options for Increasing Gender Integration in Air Force Basic Military Training. Abstract Currently, men and women in U.S. Air Force (USAF) Basic Military Training (BMT) sleep in gender-segregated flights; some training is gender-segregated, and some is gender-integrated. The USAF is currently reevaluating the degree of gender integrated training (GIT) in… Read More

Something to Replace PowerPoint (PPT)?

I remember the days of instructing with this piece of equipment. Place acetate (hand written). Place blank A4 sheet over acetate. Turn on OHP. Talk. Turn of OHP Move A4 sheet down. Turn OHP back on. Talk. Repeat steps endlessly!!!

Instructional Strategies & Methods for Delivering Instruction

The attached document outlines the ‘matrix of instructional strategies’ recommended by TRADOC, the Training and Doctrine Command of the US Army, published in 2011. The document includes: Outline of instructional method; Optimal group size; Instructor role(s); Methods (the how); Interactivity level; Devices (e.g. blogs, facebook, PPT etc); Meta-tags; and Other useful information. The 2011 version… Read More