What is the Army Institute of Physical Training?

Introduction The Army School of Physical Training is a Category ‘A’ defence training establishment of the Indian Army (Mallick, 2017). The AIPT is responsible for delivering physical and allied sports training courses for Indian Army personnel, Central Police Organisation, paramilitary forces and personnel from friendly foreign countries. It also trains instructors to organise and deliver… Read More


Discussing the Competency of the Military Fitness Training Leaders in the Hellenic Army

Research Paper Title The Competency of the Military Fitness Training Leaders in the Hellenic Army. Introduction The effectiveness of the military depends on the army’s personnel quality resulting from their training and skills level rather than the quantity of men, weapons or materials. It refers to the soldiers’ and officers’ acquired skills and competencies needed… Read More

First Woman to Land Top RN Coaching Post

PO (Petty Officer) Donna Chapman has been appointed the head coach of the Royal Navy’s School of Physical Training’s arduous PT Course. Donna is the first woman to take up the post since the school’s formation in 1888. Reference Navy News (2015) Dream Come True for Top RN Coach. Navy News. July 2015, pp.38.

How Much Qualification Pay Do You Get for Being a PTI?

Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) within the military do not receive any qualification pay (otherwise known as Recruitment and Retention Pay (RRP); previously Specialist Pay). The Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body (AFPRB) provides independent advice to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Defence on the pay and charges for members of the Naval,… Read More

The Role of Gymnastics in the Royal Army School of Physical Training?

Research Paper Title Role of Gymnastics in the Army School of Physical Training. Background As a result of a single spinal injury seen at Frimley Park Hospital, the researchers reviewed the injuries recorded at the Army School of Physical Training since December 1996. Methods This was a retrospective review of all acute accidents and injuries… Read More