Exploit vs Reinforce…

“Exploit success, don’t reinforce failure!” Unknown “In general, when shifting the main effort, we seek to exploit success rather than reinforce failure.” The US Marine Corps on the Conduct of War Advertisements


Apology & Mistakes…

“To inquire if and where we made mistakes is not to apologize.” Vice Admiral Hyman G. Rickover in testimony before the U.S. Congress in April 1964

Training Management in the US Army in 1977

Research Paper Title Battalion/Brigade Commander’s Training Management Package (Self-Paced) – 01 July 1977. Outline This training management package was developed for you, the commander, as a means by which you can prepare or improve your proficiency to perform your training management function. This training package has been prepared in a self-paced format in order that you may Spend… Read More

Connecting Organisational Theory & Design and Irregular Warfare

Research Paper Title Reorganising for Irregular Warfare. Abstract A thorough understanding of Irregular Warfare (IW) and the principles of organisational theory and design will enable the Department of Defense (DoD) to organise efficiently and effectively for operations within the Irregular Warfare Environment, while maintaining its conventional capabilities. The researchers develop their argument for this thesis… Read More

Controversy & Mediocrity…

“An organization which discourages controversy, encourages mediocrity.” Unknown