What Spurs Demand for Product Versions?

When companies are deciding how many variants of a product to offer, what should they take into account? In a series of six experiments, researchers identified a key factor: whether people see the item as: Utilitarian; or Hedonic (i.e. related to pleasure). Two examples of the experiments include: Students were instructed, variously, to select a… Read More


Organisation of British Army Infantry Divisions

The infantry of the British Army comprises some 25,000 soldiers in 17 different regiments (administrative units), containing one or more battalions (fighting units). They are often referred to informally as ‘cap-badges’ – as each has its own identity. In order to break down this large body of troops into more easily manageable elements, it is split… Read More

Connecting Organisational Theory & Design and Irregular Warfare

Research Paper Title Reorganising for Irregular Warfare. Abstract A thorough understanding of Irregular Warfare (IW) and the principles of organisational theory and design will enable the Department of Defense (DoD) to organise efficiently and effectively for operations within the Irregular Warfare Environment, while maintaining its conventional capabilities. The researchers develop their argument for this thesis… Read More

Organisational Culture: Not Just the Preserve of Big Business

Research Paper Title Interoperatbility: Merging the Organisational Cultures of Special Forces and the Infantry. Abstract Combining two separate military units with different organisational cultures to operate as one is difficult and complex. However, Henry Mintzberg’s classic organisational design principles aid in anticipating friction points and identifying the governing dynamics of this action. As the researchers… Read More