How Organisational Approach Can Help Prevent Mental Disorders in Veterans

Research Paper Title

Systematisation of approaches to the organisation of prevention of mental disorders veterans of combat veterans.


For the purpose of methodological justification of the use of new approaches to the organisation of psychiatric care for veterans of military operations in departmental general hospital health care institutions, the analysis of existing problems in providing psychiatric care to retired combatants with mental disorders of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Russia was carried out.

It is shown that the existing organisational approaches have a number of significant drawbacks and do not fully provide quality therapy and medical and psychological rehabilitation to this contingent.

Proposed in the development Concept of the psychiatric service of MIA to provide targeted prevention work with ex-combatants, current employees of power structures, including early diagnosis of early forms of mental disorders, timely provision of treatment & rehabilitation help with subsequent systematic monitoring of their mental health in government health facilities.

This will not only improve the quality of diagnosis of mental disorders, but also improve the treatment of psychopathological disorders, reduce the stigma of psychiatric care and systematise the directions of work with this contingent at the stages of secondary prevention of changes in mental functions.


Sukhorukov, A.L., Soloviev, A.G., Ichitovkina, E.G. & Golubeva, E.Y. (2020) Systematization of approaches to the organization of prevention of mental disorders veterans of combat veterans. [Article in Russian]. Advances in Gerontology. 33(4), pp.691-694.


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